Sara Bianchi

12 June 2019

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The history of Cicogna

A legend speaks about the origin of the name “Cicogna”:

First of all there was Montuzza.
Perhaps due to the water shortage, some people of Montuzza started to build houses in the area where Cicogna was born.
There was a controversy about the name of this new village: someone wanted to call it new Montuzza, others wanted to find a new name.

They made a bet: Who built the first church, would decide the name.
The first church made was the one of Montuzza, but during the inauguration day, it felt down.
So the hinabitants of the new village had enough time to finish their church and then a big stork flew above the houses, so the name was found!

Another guess says that it could be the name of a block of wood called “Scigogna” that was used by people to cook above the fire.